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Writing? Ain't Got No Time for That! 

You know if your website isn't updated for 90 days then it's considered abandoned. Ouch. All that hard work on your website, but without fresh content updates to keep your audience and the search engines happy, then you'll never gain ROI.  It's not your fault that you didn't know this. 

Imagine Never Having to Write Content Again!

Get hours back

What will you do with the extra time? Get up to 10 hours a week back when you outsource your content writing. No more staring at the blank screen, no more fiddling around with tech, no more seething resentment that you could be doing something better with your time.

Content That Matters

We complete the basic research on your topics and then create your articles. They'll all have the same "theme" so they link together (nothing like a great series, just ask Netflix) plus they'll guide your reader into taking action. You can even upgrade and have our team set up your content promotion activity.

Scroll-Stopping Images

Fed up faffing around for hours to find the perfect image? That's our job now. We'll add your logo, and where appropriate, your website address to the image. They'll fit the tone of your brand and visually attract in your prospects. Scroll-stopping content? It's never been easier!

Optimised for Search

Content that no one is looking for isn't worth writing. Au revoir content talking about your latest holiday (that's what Insta is for). We'll optimise your content, on-page,  so that it's findable. You'll love how your content appears in the search engines. 

Done For You Content Writing

Business owners that blog get 67% more inbound links (that's your SEO sorted) and up to 90% more traffic. Oh, and 8 times more leads than an entrepreneur that decides not to publish content. Because great quality content is a choice

Content Writing Plans

Our content writing plans start at 750 words per article, and a minimum of 10 articles per batch. One round of revisions. Most people find our content writing requires zero revisions. Relevant images, created, branded and uploaded to your WordPress website, and then they're optimised. 

Never blogged before?

Don't panic! We can map out your foundational content plan and create the articles from the agreed plan. Your content will answer the questions that are keeping your prospects awake at night.

Newsletters? No Problem

We're happy to set up the emails that drive traffic to your posts as well as set up the lead generating tools on your WordPress website. Ask for us to add this to your proposal.

Content Writing Plans


Keep your website alive and at the top of your prospect's mind


/per batch

What's included

  • 10 x 750 Word Articles
  • 7 Day Turnaround
  • One revision (most people don't need this)
  • Upload to your WordPress website, and custom images added


Who we don't work with...

Even though we're writing rebels, there are businesses that we don't work with. We don't write pro-gambling articles. We also don't write about porn, MLM, or political hot potatoes!

We're ghostwriting your content. You put your name on it. If you wish to put our name on it, you're not the clients for us. 

You can order one batch of ten articles, or you can have us on retainer. Our rates are our rates. If you want to haggle, it means you don't understand the power of content, and until you do you're not the client for our content writing service.